The Magician
Dan White & theory11

After a 5-year sold-out run at The NOMAD Hotel, The Magician moved venues to the penthouse space at the stunning Fotografiska Museum. We were invited to reimagine the space as an immersive look into The Magician’s Attic.

Upon our first site visit, we were immediately struck by the architectural beauty of the space itself. We quickly decided to find a way to create an immersive design while leaving the room itself exposed – which had the added benefit of heightening the fact that this unbelievable magical experience occurs outside of a traditional theater environment: in a 4-walled room with no backstage.

Inspired by the themes of the show and the room's architecture, we then developed the vision for the Magician's Attic – a dual meaning that applies to a physical space where our main character has been collecting artifacts over a lifetime, and a mental space that is the Magician's mind itself.


  • Creative Direction
  • Experience Design
  • Production
  • Fabrication Oversight