Jingle Hell’s

Syfy described its twisted new show Happy! as a f*cked up holiday story set in a seedy version of NYC. So to create buzz for its premiere, we created a f*cked up holiday bar – right in the heart of the Lower East Side. Welcome to Jingle Hell's.

To create Jingle Hell's, we took an ordinary bar and transformed it in every sense of the word – including installing a drop ceiling and hanging 32,000 ornaments and 2.5 miles of garland amidst naked barbies, empty pill bottles and liquor bottles. Once the base decor layer was installed, we then filled the bar with even more twisted joy – a living room scene with the fireplace boarded up and the tree torched, a taxidermy wall full of Santa's reindeer, and a f*cked up workshop where Very Bad Santa could sit on his throne.

We also created twisted versions of go-to bar programming – from Dirty Caroling and Krampus Karaoke to Humbug Trivia and Ho Ho Bingo.

From drink menus, coasters, shot glasses, and matchbooks to over 40 pieces of original wall art, we reimagined every detail to make Jingle Hell's feel as permanent as any other bar.

We even created a custom arcade game called Cheer Hunter, in which you shoot down snowmen, reindeer and even the toys right out of elves' hands.

Of course, we also loaded up the bar with tons of show-branded signs, artwork, character plushes, ornaments and anything else we could think of to ensure that every guest who entered didn't miss the reason for the anti-holiday season.

Jingle Hell's saw 17,000 people come through its doors during its 10-day run, driving more than 170 million media impressions. Happy! became Syfy's best premiere in two years.


  • Idea
  • Branding & Identity
  • Creative Direction
  • Experience Design
  • Production Design
  • Full production oversight
  • Event programming
  • Event website
  • Event staffing