Underground Delivery
Pizza Hut

To celebrate the release of the new TMNT movie, we helped Pizza Hut test a radical idea: Delivering their Big New Yorker pizzas right where the Turtles would want it: directly into the NYC subways.

Working inside the NYC subways requires a lot of pre-production collaboration with the subway overseers, the MTA, to ensure our fun experiment doesn't interfere with the literal millions of daily riders who are trying to get where they're going as fast and safely as possible. As a result, what's ultimately a very simple, straightforward idea gets meticulously pre-visualized and communicated over the course of weeks to ensure everyone knows exactly what's about to happen.

Hey, if it helps bring a little extra joy to people's days, show us as many hoops as you want us to jump through and watch us go.

Big thanks to our friends at GSD&M for bringing us in on such a fun one.


  • Permitting
  • Production & Logistics
  • Printing & Install
  • Video Production