Struggle Bus
Pizza Hut

After every great party night, there’s a next-day struggle. And for those moments when a whole city becomes a party at once, we helped Pizza Hut create the ultimate answer for a mass struggle. New Orleans, host of March Madness: Meet The Struggle Bus.

Since we were mapping out a southern tour, we convinced a country music touring company to let us borrow one of their buses for a few days (so long as we got it back in time for a certain unnamed duo to hit the road a few days later). And considering these babies are constantly out on the road, we even met up with our bus mid-tour during development to grab some critical measurements so we could transform the whole thing in a day once we had keys in-hand.

This project was produced in collaboration with our pals at GSD&M.


  • Bus Procurement
  • Graphic Design
  • Bus Customization
  • Production
  • Tour Logistics
  • Furniture & Decor
  • Experience Design
  • Staffing