OkCupid launched a campaign with the tagline, “Dang. You must be registered to vote, because all I see is a VILF.” To help support this very important message, we hit the streets of our nation’s capital with a literal truckload of propaganda.

We loaded up with all the fixings for a good political canvassing – yard signs, postcards, t-shirts, tote bags, pins, and of course, condoms. Then we spread out across the most politically active city in America and begin waging our war for hearts and minds. All we have to say is if all political campaigns are this fun to work on, we might need to rethink our aspirations.

Oh yeah, and we brought a film crew. You know, for the important documentary that will eventually be made about this historic movement.

This project was produced in collaboration with the awesome team at Mischief.


  • Production & Logistics
  • Location Scouting
  • Permitting
  • Staffing
  • Video Production