For Halloween, JetBlue decided to go to its three busiest cities and join the trick-or-treating fun by “moving in” and becoming that one house that always has the full-size candy - as well as all the spooky bells and whistles a kid could hope for. Welcome to the JetBoo House.

We created three JetBoo Houses and dropped them into public parks in NYC, Boston and Fort Lauderdale – covered in cobwebs, shrouded in fog, with simmering cauldrons, rotting cornstalks and next-level jack-o-lanterns to boot.

The houses offered a little something for every brave trick-or-treater – full-size candy for the kids, and custom scratchers to win free flights for the parents. Pretty much exactly how you'd expect the always-charming JetBlue to behave as a neighbor, huh?


  • Location Scouting
  • Permitting
  • Full Production Oversight
  • Fabrication Oversight
  • Props & Set Dressing
  • Staffing