Listen to Nurses

connectRN believes nurses are the most valuable players in the healthcare system, yet nearly 9 in 10 American nurses think nobody understands the work they do. So for connectRN’s brand presence at the enormous “CES of healthcare,” HLTH, we envisioned a pop-up gallery that was disruptive not for its flashiness, but for its humanity: a series of larger-than-life faces, and a call for listening.

We asked 10 nurses to share their stories and perspectives with the healthcare community: why they chose nursing, what empowers them as a nurse, and perhaps most importantly, their hopes for building the future of healthcare.

Then we simply brought their stories and faces to the HLTH conference floor, as a series of larger-than-life portraits and corresponding audio documentaries.

We also brought the stories to life as a printed magazine and an online experience.

Portraits & Stories

Pop-Up Gallery @ HLTH

Magazine & Website

Many thanks to our dear friends and partners at connectRN for their incredible support and trust, as well as unparalleled decisiveness, smarts, taste and speed in helping us bring this concept to life. We couldn’t be more proud of our collective achievement.


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