Miracle On 32nd Street
American Cancer Society

To help raise awareness about an incredible initiative from the American Cancer Society, we made it snow outside New York City’s Hope Lodge for the first time in two years.

This sweet stunt was only a small part of a larger initiative called Hopefall, which celebrates the special moment when cancer patients reach remission and get to ring the Hope Bell. In that moment, Hopefall uses generative AI to turn the sound of the bell into a unique 3D snowflake that symbolizes the patient’s milestone. 

Our job was to help let the public know about Hopefall by creating surprise and delight in New Yorkers as they looked up and saw snow falling on the streets of New York for the first time in too long.

Thanks to our friends at Real Chemistry and 21Grams for inviting us into this beautiful project!


  • Venue Scouting
  • Full Production Oversight
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Production